Extension to the Suspension of Jurisdictional Activities

Considering the health emergency due to force majeure resulting from the disease generated by COVID-19, the agreement SS / 11/2020 is modified, in its first, second and third agreements, with the objective of extending the suspension of jurisdictional activities in the Federal Court of Administrative Justice for the period from May 6 to 29, 2020, so these days are considered unworkable and there will be no procedural terms or terms.


Considering that the administration of justice is an essential activity, the establishment of temporary guards in some Regional Chambers had been determined to attend to and resolve urgent requests for precautionary measures or suspension of the contested act in the region; and, the possibility of holding remote sessions of the Jurisdictional Plenary and Sections of the Superior Chamber; and, of the Board of Government and Administration. The previous agreement establishes that, if the number of requests in a region turns out to be excessive for its attention by public servants, the Board of Government and Administration may determine that other Magistrates participate in the guard, as well as the personnel required. The plenary session of said Board will meet at a distance regularly during the month of May of the current year, through the video conference system.


A fourth agreement is added in response to the essentials of the activity, which in part establishes: “Guidelines will be issued by the Government and Administration Board so that work can be carried out at home by certain public servants, both in the Superior Chamber and in the Regional Chambers, for example: formulation of draft judgments; make public versions of the sentences already issued, among others. ”


“For the issuance of the guidelines, the Government and Administration Board will consider, among others, the following guidelines: 1. No more than two people per day may enter a conference, who must keep their distance; 2. Be in the facilities of the Institution the necessary time to obtain the required information; 3. Under no circumstances may a complete file, part of it or any original document be removed from the offices; 4. To have remote access to the information of a jurisdictional file under his charge, a specific procedure must be established; 5. The confidentiality of the information will be protected at all times; 6. The technological means that the corresponding area of ​​the Court will make available will be used; and, 7. The sanitary measures issued by the competent authorities must be considered. ”


The agreement enters into force on May 7, 2020 and will also be published on the Court’s website.


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