Administrative Measures: Mexico City

Given that the conditions of the health contingency due to force majeure of COVID 19 prevail, which resulted in the Agreement dated March 20 and its modifications dated April 17 and 27, as well as May 18, all of 2020, the Government of Mexico City has again modified the aforementioned Agreements in order to continue with the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus and to safeguard the health of its inhabitants.


Therefore, on May 29, 2020, the aforementioned modification was published, suspending the terms and deadlines inherent in the administrative procedures and procedures that are carried out before the Dependencies, Decentralized Bodies, Mayors and Entities of the Public Administration of the CDMX and granting administrative facilities for the fulfillment of fiscal obligations, to prevent the spread of COVID-19


As a consequence of the foregoing and for legal and / or administrative purposes in the computation of the terms, the days referred to between June 1 to August 09, 2020 should not be counted as business days, so any action, promotion or request that In its case, it is carried out before the Public Administration of Mexico City or of the Municipalities, on any of the non-working days mentioned, it will take effect until August 10, 2020.


In this regard, Mexico City government workers will return to their work on August 10, 2020, except for the personnel necessary to attend to the activities that are excepted from the indicated suspension of terms and deadlines, which will be carried out through a program of appointments and through electronic means and which are the following:


  • Procedures in urban development, construction and real estate sector.
  • Granting of instruments related to real estate before notaries public corresponding to the issuance of certificates of existence or non-existence of encumbrances via telematics and evidences of folios, evidences of debts of property and water, unique certificates of zoning of land use, sheets to prove the value cadastral, registration of commercial appraisals in SIGAPRED, consultation of notarial instruments and issuance of certified copies and testimonies, apostille and / or legalization of documents.
  • Granting, monitoring, termination and revocation of Revocable Temporary Administrative Permits.
  • Administrative recoveries of real estate in the public domain of the CDMX in terms of the Patrimonial Regime and Public Service Law.
  • Procedures for evaluation, modernization and administrative development that can be processed electronically.
  • Inspection activities carried out by the Treasury of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of Mexico City, within its powers, such as: notifications, summons, summons, requests, agreements, procedures, initiation and substantiation of the Administrative Procedure of Execution and acts of verification.
  • Administrative procedures related to the activities of Mexico City’s Reconstruction Commission, which is why its party official opened, empowering said Commission to formulate requirements to construction and supervisory companies, as well as to require individuals in any aspect and continue with the expropriation procedures that would have been initiated before the declaration of the health emergency.


Regarding lawsuits in tax matters, the suspension will conclude according to the Guidelines or Agreements issued by the Bodies or Authorities that are substantiating them.


Likewise, regarding the processing and substantiation of the Revocation Appeal, provided for in the Mexico City Tax Code, taxpayers may process it, in the “Online” modality.


Likewise, the electronic means of payment implemented by the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of the Mexico City Government will remain in operation.


On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion may carry out extraordinary labor inspections that it deems necessary, when it becomes aware by any means, of work centers that may be violating labor legislation during the Health Emergency resulting from the pandemic .


Likewise, Mexico City’s Procurator’s Office for Labor Defense may continue the activities corresponding to the elaboration of agreements for the termination of the labor relationship, payment of benefits and the fulfillment of agreements concluded prior to the suspension.


Now, in terms of administrative and fiscal facilities, in the case of the Tax on Ownership or Use of Vehicles whose maturity to obtain the subsidy was March 31, 2020, an extension is granted for their respective forgiveness until the June 30 of the same year.


Likewise, with regard to obtaining the 100% tax subsidy in the payment of the Vehicle Ownership or Use Tax corresponding to fiscal year 2020 to those non-profit individuals or legal entities that own or use vehicles, the value of which includes Once the depreciation factor is applied, the Value Added Tax is up to $ 250,000.00, in accordance with the provisions of the General Agreement granting a Tax Subsidy for the Payment of Tax on Ownership or Use of Vehicles, published in the Gazette Official of Mexico City on December 31, 2019, an extension is granted to obtain the respective benefit until June 30 of this year.


In this regard, the Secretariat of Administration and Finance, through the Treasury of Mexico City, and in accordance with the information published for this purpose on its website available at , will gradually restart its activities during the mentioned suspension period.

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